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Oasis Christian Counseling Services, our Christian counseling center, began in 1999. It is a Christian business with the mission of assisting individuals, couples and families in living emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually healthy lives. The tools of prayer, scripture and other distinctly Christian tools and resources are utilized. Cognitive behavior therapy is the underlying counseling theory utilized at Oasis. Other strategies are employed as warranted by the needs of the client. 

As a former educator, Counselor Bridges always seeks to educate the client so that when the counseling sessions are ended, the client is equipped with the necessary tools to continue on life' s journey. Counseling requires that the therapist and the client work together as a team. The client's commitment to be active both in and out of the sessions and the counselor's skilled efforts to influence change in thoughts, feelings and behaviors are effective partnerships. Change may be swift and easy but it is more likely to be slow and deliberate.

As a counselor in High Point, NC, I have a depth of knowledge created by a multitude of both professional and personal experiences and training...educator, therapist, life coach, author, spiritual leader, speaker, born third of ten children. I am trained as a cognitive therapist. Effective strategies are used that are compatible with Christian principles. I possess the ability to work with individuals, couples and groups. I have had many life experiences that have created a heart for those who are in pain and a abiding desire to bring clients to a place of hope and well-being.
Elizabeth G. Bridges

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