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How Do I Get There from Here? Biblical and Clinical Tools for Optimal Mental Health 

This book is about how to live a more wholesome and healthy life mentally and spiritually. It addresses familiar issues, normalizing our life experiences: The fact that a topic is in this book means that others have experienced the same or similar issues. It is a book of hope, designed to give the reader practical tools to address negative emotions and other obstacles from both a spiritual and clinical perspective. The effectiveness of tools provided have been proven through research, the experiences of others, but more importantly are supported by the foundation of scripture. Strategies included reflect the theory that one's beliefs determine his/her emotions and ultimately his/her behaviors, thereby, the quality of his/her existence. This book promotes God as the true foundation, the true lover of our souls. 

Claim Your Divine Calling: Live a Satisfied and Fulfilled Life 

This is a workbook that engages the reader in an intense module by module progression designed to build faith in one’s unique calling and the necessity of remaining connected with our Creator. The workbook rests on Biblical principles and truths revealed over time. It is designed to transform one’s mind in regard to one’s unique gifting and the significance of one’s purpose.

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